Aim for fun with Archery Game To Go!

Archery Game To Go brings a full set of archery tag equipment to your next: Fundraiser, Youth group, Field trip, Team building program, you name it! Armed with a bow and a foam tipped arrow, teams or individuals, must strategize, join forces, adapt and overcome the other opponents in the newest most exciting form of dodgeball yet. The centuries old technique of bows and arrows is now the ultimate way to have a great time with your friends.

Archery Game To Go doesn't just provide the offensive equipment, you also get the safety equipment such arm guards, and face masks. Using all of these pieces of equipment properly, can not only help you lead your team to victory but also protect you from the most common injuries. That being said these arrows are made to hit people, they won't be able to hurt you.

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Solo Elimination

All players free for all game, no teams, no areas, just outlast and eliminate all of your opponents.

Solo Freeplay

No getting out, no teams. Offensive / Defensive practice.

Solo Knockdown

Same as team knockdown but free for all.


Team Freeplay

No getting out, practice targets or elimination. Set time limit.

Targets / Skittles Dodgeball

Teams not only try to eliminate players but also knock over all of the opponents targets.

Team Knockdown

For this team game, you keep an eye on whoever hit you, when they are out you are back in.

Team Elimination

All players are divided into teams and only have one chance to eliminate all of the other teams players by hitting them with an arrow. Once hit, you have to watch as the rest of your team tries to eliminate all of your opponents.

Medic / Doctor Dodgeball

Teams select one person from their team to be the “Medic” instead of bows, the “Medic” gets two shields. The “Medic” can also heal his “injured” teammates by making physical contact for 3 seconds.

Defend the Prime Minister

A small squad is appointed the task of protecting one key player, the “Prime Minister.” All the other players have to try to eliminate the “Prime Minister.” The defenders have to eliminate all threats or survive the time limit.


One player starts as “It”, that player, is tasked with tagging all other players by hitting them with an arrow. If an “It” is hit, they have to return to a designated area before they can continue playing.

3, 2, 1, Draw

Players stand in lines back to back. They all take 10 steps away from the other team and stop. On the count of 3, 2, 1, Draw all the players turn and shoot at their opponents, repeat at closer distances, until all players are eliminated.

King's Court

Team Elimination with a twist. Once eliminated players are sent to the opponents “jail.” They can re-enter the game in one of 3 ways. Catch one of your teams arrows shot toward you, one of your team catches an opponents arrows, or hit an opponent with an arrow from within their “jail.”


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